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Fleet Consulting


No matter what size vehicle fleet you have, whether it's fifty, five hundred, or five thousand vehicles, someone has to manage it. That person may be an administrative assistant in charge of the fleet on a part time basis, or a full-time professional fleet manager with a staff of several people.


Whatever the title or amount of time devoted to fleet management, specific questions must be addressed for a fleet to be an effective part of your organization. How will you handle vehicle acquisition and disposal? Selection and suitability? Title and licensing? Records storage? Risk management? Maintenance? Fueling? The list of questions can be quite long.


This is where a fleet consultant can help. A fleet consultant's knowledge and experience is of great value to small to mid-sized organizations where no one has the time or expertise to properly manage the fleet. A fleet consultant can be instrumental in creating a management strategy that addresses the particular needs of your vehicle fleet in an efficient and effective manner. And even if your fleet has a seasoned professional in charge, the fresh perspective of an outside fleet consultant can be very beneficial to your organization. Or there may be a situation where a special project, or new strategic initiative, could require some extra help.

Leland Barrow

Owner/Senior Consultant


Leland is an industry leading consultant for real-world fleet solutions. He started as a tire installer and worked his way up to eventually leading some of the largest fleets in Texas. He is a military veteran with both having served in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper, and helicopter electrician on the OH58DR, and Blackhawk helicopters. His first fleet was twenty-two Kiowa helicopters outside of Fallujah, Iraq. Since then he has held the positions of Mechanic, Lead Technician, Shop Foreman, General Manager, Operations Manager, Feet Consultant, Statewide Fleet Manager, and Director of Fleet Operations.


He has managed fleets of sedans, light trucks, SUVs, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, school buses, off-road equipment, pressure drillers, sidearm drillers, aerial bucket trucks, boom trucks, and helicopters. He has managed fleets ranging in size from 200 vehicles to 13,000 vehicles and spread across the state of Texas. He has successfully managed dozens of shops and hundreds of employees. 


Leland prides himself on having real solutions to real problems, and those solutions are based on a combination of applicable experience, skills, and education. He has an MBA from Texas State University and is also an ASE certified Master Mechanic. He holds dozens of certifications in manufacturer training, ad-hoc training, and continuing education classes. He has been a Certified Fleet Manager. He also attended Wyoming Technical Institute for Shop Management. He is certified in Autobody, Electrical, A/C, Brakes systems for school Buses through the Texas Association of School Bus Technicians, and the California ROP program for automotive and industrial equipment.



Leland's main focus in fleet consulting is to provide his customers with the ability to control their expenses, minimize their breakdowns and accidents, increase utilization, and put proven processes into place. The end goal helping each client be proactive, reduce their costs, and improve their fleet's efficiency.



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